Group Products


The Sinclair Agency operates as an independent broker offering plans from all major insurance providers. By not representing a single carrier, we give you the flexibility you desire when it comes to choosing a health plan right for your company in Houston, Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio. With The Sinclair Agency there’s no longer a need to contact a dozen agents to ensure you’re given a complete look at the market.

Plan offerings range from PPOs, HMOs, H.S.A.’s, H.R.A.’s, and Flexible spending accounts. Below are just a few of the carriers we work closely with to provide complete coverage for your employees.


Provide the ancillary vision coverage your employees need. A strong relationship between your employees and their eye doctor is essential. Your eye doctor can see changes in your vision and overall eye health. It’s even important for those employees with 20/20 vision, or those that have had laser eye surgery. Annual exams are critical to their overall health. A good doctor can find early warning signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

At The Sinclair Agency we offer vision care plans through several of the major healthcare providers. United Healthcare, Humana, VSP, and EyeMed plans are available for a very insignificant premium.

Most vision plans offer coverage such as:
• Annual eye exams
• Frame allowances
• Contact lense allowances
• Paper-free benefits (no ID card required)
• Comprehensive networks of thousands of qualified doctors

Call us today and see how we can help supplement your employee health benefits.


Dental insurance is a low-cost product that can enchance your employee benefits package. The Sinclair Agency offers numberous dental plans, PPOs and DMOs, from several major carriers. Dental plans offer much needed coverage for preventative, basic, and major dental care. Utilizing dental provider networks under DMO products can help maximize savings.

Below are the carriers who currently offer group dental products.